Planetary system on the wrist


Uranus is the modern ruler of Astrology, it used to say that Saturn the lord of time was the ruler one. Saturn is also linked to the individual’s karma, where a chart is could be interpreted as karma printed from the stars. But due to Uranus discovery and its association to Aquarius, also ruling the future, was then a better combination for timing then Saturn which is also the traditional ruler of Aquarius. However, it is still undecided rather or not Uranus is indeed the real ruler of Astrology, even when most of Astrologers online (due to my searching) are in favor of Uranus, I think most of the reason is related to the Greek mythology of Ouranus. Some even believe that Neptune is the ruler of the sophisticated predictive tool, since Neptune gives the human the power of variety of interpretations, the glamorization with words and a sense of confusing dilemmas in the chart. If you have some kind of obsession of astrology, perhaps you have read articles about this on the internet yourself or textbooks. Make your choice.

I still believe that is Uranus that rules the amazing tool called Astrology. The planet rules our future, but astrology also reads the past and the preset, making it confusing. However Uranus is eccentric in nature, it is the awakener, the one who brings light to the consciousness, so as astrology as it sparks intellectual knowledge over life.

But hey, the post isn’t about what planet rules astrology after all! If you want to read a plus of this topic, I invite you to read this article.

Imagine having the planetary system as a watch in your wrist in a fashion and eccentric way. Although there are a variety of watches available, this one seems outstanding. I was simple amazed by this fascinating high work of engineering and design clock of the planets. This is the Midnight Planétarium, the astronomical clock is a replica of the six planets visible in the sky and their movement around the Sun in real time:


All the planets are made from precious stones. Unfortunately there aren’t the Moon and the constellations, but one could identify but the months it falls. In the watch there is a big star, which the person can located it in a specific day and month, then that day will be a day to remember, kind of ‘lucky day’, so every year on that date, planet earth (the bluish stone) will move itself inside the star in order for you to remember your luck day.


It was needed 396 separated parts to integrate the whole puzzle.  Uranus, the technological innovator, entered pioneering Aries about 3-4 years ago, and this engineering is a work of 3 years to complete and it was exposed this year to the world by the jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpele in partnership with Christiaan van der Klaauw, a company that manufactures astronomical watches. This beautiful piece is worthy 245 thousand dollars. Want one?


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